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It goes without saying that a life without music would be bland, even hard. We often turn to music to find peace of mind, to cheer ourselves up, to bring back memories and to offer a soundtrack while making new ones.

Being a music lover and being a musician or a label owner is very different when it comes to how music plays a role in your life. I often think back on the days when I wasn’t married to a producer or running a music label and feel shocked by what a different approach I took to the whole thing. As a label owner, I am more acutely aware of the time, effort and work put into bringing the music to our ears and as a wife of a producer I am more keenly aware of badly made music and the effort of production, let alone the cost. As a music lover, you just enjoy the music, you don’t analyse the way it was made or how it made it all the way to your computer, despite the billion songs playing at the exact same time throughout the world.

You also don’t ever feel pressured by the music and let me tell you, that might be the thing I miss the most about being a care free lover of music. It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you run a label. There is always more you could be doing, more you should be doing to gain exposure for the music. There is always more music to listen to, more emails to write and more releases to schedule and prepare. And as a producer? Pft. All of that plus the actual production of the music. Note to self, be glad you suck at making music.

Now at other times in history, labels and artists could make a living of this much easier than in today’s world. Warrant, there were not nearly as many labels or musicians but the fact remains, in the underground scene you are extremely lucky if you can pay your way solely via the music. Which leads to a rather large struggle in the lives of those dedicated to bring new music to the world.

And after so many years doing this, we still struggle balancing life and music,¬†between our passion for the label and our passion for the other parts of our lives. There are Sunday morning’s when we wake up and the sun is shining and all I want is an adventure. Not to be stuck behind a screen replying to 50 demo’s which three fourths of are not even properly introduced, produced or even in the same genre we release. There are other times that instead of doing dishes and making dinner, I just want to keep listening to Alvaro make music while I write up a new blog post, or excitedly write back and forth with our artists about upcoming releases, their lives and ideas for the future. There are days I just want to stay in my garden and days when I just want to listen to all the music from the label and spend hours writing up posts for social media and working on the website or the million other little things that go into owning a label you love.

You might have thought this was going to be another how-to blog post but honestly I don’t have a real clue about how to balance our lives and the music. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that the one thing that keeps us going, especially when we are struggling keeping all the balls in the air is the people who support the music. The people who reach out and let us know they love the music coming from the label, that it helped them have a better day or they share the memories they’ve made with our music as their soundtrack.

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