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Lets have a little talk. Ya, maybe I accepted your friend request on Facebook or requested you as a friend. Maybe myself or Alvaro supported your track or a track from your label on a chart or radioshow. Which in turn means I normally add it to our Pinterest, our Flipboard, our tumblr, ect. I am happy to support good music, nice mixes and artists & labels that stand out to me. I am happy to make new friends, find ways to collaborate or share experiences and advice.

What I am NOT down with is being spammed. There seems to be a lot of confusion on what constitutes as spam and every person has their own threshold for what they can take. Below is a list of things I consider spam.

  1. Tagging me in things I have nothing to do with. Do not tag me in your photo or add my name to a status update that in no way involves me. If I supported your track, sure feel free to add me to a photo or status or two. If you play one of the labels or Alvaro’s tracks, sure let us know by sharing it with us. Don’t just tag me to tag me.
  2. Don’t write me, “thanks for the support –  follow me here or buy my music here”. Obviously, if I supported your music, a good chance is I am already following you and now I will just find you obnoxious. If you feel it necessary, at least get some form of dialogue going first.
  3. Actually just DON’T write me and ask me to follow you here or there. Or worse, send me to a buy shop to purchase your music, without anything more than a hello. I will NOT look at it.
  4. Want me to hear your music, send me a soundcloud link, send me a youtube link (if its from yourself or the label you released with), ask me to nicely check out such and such. DON’T message me 5 times in a day demanding I listen to your music or posting it on my wall several times.
  5. Don’t be pushy or rude. Mind your manners, don’t call me BABY, or hit on me or assume I should know who you are and get offended when I don’t. It isn’t exactly spam but it makes you look like an ass.

This is what others have to say about Spam and what types of spam they hate –

Andy Ward – Receiving email promos when you didn’t ask to be put on the list… ESPECIALLY if it’s a genre you don’t even play. Getting tagged in event flyers/release info on Facebook. Constant tags on Follow Friday on Twitter. (note: I love FF on twitter but really dislike being stuck on promo lists I don’t want to be on and can’t unsubscribe from.)

Tunicia Phillips –  I’ve had to adjust my privacy setting in order to block non related flyer and event tags. I never mind promos via email but as Andy Ward says, its a different thing when its completely out of your preferred genre or house style. (note: we have also had to adjusted our privacy settings, which is kinda sad don’t you think?)

Dee C’rell – Spam to me: an act of advertisement which neglects the personal one-to-one interaction of humanity and conversation in pursuit of commercial or other, alternative objectives.

Lets make our musical community an even cleaner, happier and more productive one by reducing spam and using your manners 🙂