Everyone has a life outside of music and music may or may not be a big part of your life, although I am betting it is. Regardless of genre, taste or whether you are a producer, you run a label or you just blare music at full blast on your way to work, music has a place in all of our lives.

One of the things that I feel happens a lot though when you work in the music business is that people almost forget you have a whole other life. The life that involves making dinner, walking the dog and doing whatever else it is that you do. I for one, listen to a lot of music and not just music that we release on the label but whatever happens to float my boat that day. Last week I had a serious love affair with My Morning Jacket and when preparing and eating our Thanksgiving dinner, we had a stream of music from the Big Band and Frank Sinatra Era’s. Then there are days where I just need some time for my ears to rest. Times where all I want is a big dose of mother nature and the music she makes. If you want a peak into that part of our lives, into the food we grow and eat, our pets and our adventures, I won’t call you nosey, just curious 🙂

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