We are back after missing last weeks Five Friday Favorites. It was missed due mostly to life and being exhausted. Not every week is going to go like you plan. We’ve learned, especially running the label, that being flexible is a must if you want to find any kind of balance between your passions, hobbies, and how you pay your bill while keeping the rest of your life in order. We’ve learned to give ourselves a free pass sometimes. To always have a bit of something extra prepared and ready to go, for those times we don’t actually have the time. This is something, I think, we can all use more of, more balance and figuring out a way to make all the conflicting roles and pieces of our lives fit together as smoothly as possible. So when the creativity hits, follow it to its end, and when you can’t seem to find an ounce of inspiration? Give yourself a break and go with the flow, it won’t work any other way.

This article on the Playlist Black Market  has completely got my head spinning around. It is an excellent read about how much has changed in the world of music and yet has somehow managed to stay the same. That means those at the top are only looking for a payout. There are some excellent mentions of different ways to help get your music in front of more people, which we find intriguing and questionable all at the same time. Let us know what you think of using the different services mentioned in the article.

Articles like this have seriously got us considering releasing some limited edition (we are talking 50-100 tape runs) cassette tapes. What do you guys think? Drop us a comment below or head over to our facebook page and vote in our poll.

Here’s your fun read for the weekend from Mixmag. Three era’s of pre-digital recordings in pictures!

I’ve been meaning to share this article for a few weeks now as it really is amazing to me the way people can keep reinventing and finding new ways of creating music. Have a look and see if you’d want to pick up any of these instruments or hear them featured in upcoming music.

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