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As a small indy label, one of the ways to hurt us the most is to pirate our music. Let alone are you taking money out of our pockets, you are taking money out of the producers pockets and the entire music production arena.

I maybe could have at times in the past understood why people would choose to pirate music, mostly due to not being able to easily access that track or album you just HAD to hear. But now? Between youtube, soundcloud and streaming services like spotify or itunes, what in the hell could possibly be your excuse? Music costs less than ever, with more labels and artists hanging on the little bit that there is to go around. So seriously, get with the program people! Stream your favorite artists or labels music via companies that pay the musicians (even if it is close to nothing), or head over to their youtube channel, or even, crazy as it might sound, go ahead and buy their music via bandcamp or itunes!

“There is a belief that the rise in popularity of on-demand services such as Netflix and Spotify have solved piracy, but that theory simply doesn’t stack up,” MUSO co-founder/CEO Andy Chatterly said in a statement accompanying the report. “Our data suggests that piracy is more popular than ever.” You can read the rest of the article here.

We are totally thinking about purchasing a smart speaker or three this year, what about you? How do you think as a musician this is going impact you or as a music lover? I for one, am looking forward to all the good music, both new and old, being even more intertwined with my life. Here is some food for thought on the future world of smart speakers.

Looking for a great read to better understand the life of a musician? Here’s what the author calls “A deep dive on some of the headaches musicians have to deal with in order to make money and keep their work without getting cheated (hopefully).”

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Weekend loung and chillout deep sounds from all our past Spring Moods compilations, just in time to add a bit of sunshine to your life.

As this article talks about, going crate digging in your own collection, is full of its own joys and memories. This is essentially the idea behind our newest compilation series, Artists Five Favorites. It is a play off of not just this series of blog posts but also a nod to all the good music we’ve released over the years. It is an acknowledgement of the music we’ve released that has perhaps helped shape some amazing memories, or inspired a whole new group of producers to put their fingers to a keyboard. We hope you end up enjoying the series as much as we’ve enjoyed help putting it together with our producers.

Here are five more friday favorites to make up for missing last week 😉

A little something for you synth lovers.

An article about the gig economy that all DJs, musicians and labels can intimately relate to.

Who needs genres anyways? As a label, picking a genre your track falls into has often been a challenge. “78% of young people that responded to a Vice Magazine survey claimed they couldn’t be defined by the genre of music they listen to”. Read more here.

Here’s another article on smart speakers, and some insight into why I am so intrigued in how they are going to affect the music scene, especially for us labels and musicians.

Maybe you’re looking for something completely different to listen to this weekend? Here is one of Spotify’s most listened to playlists.