Our five Friday favorites starts out with a little info about our daily lives. This week Alvaro and I both went off to our “day jobs”, him working with robots, and me working also with robots. My robots are cooler than his though, since mine milk cows! And every single day, not just Alvaro and I but just about everyone faces a world quickly being taken over by robots and machines. Ok, it sounds melodramatic but it is just a matter of facts. What now takes the farm I work on 2.5 people, it would have taken at least 4 before the milking robots and scrapers (which essentially just help keep things clean around here). And there are few jobs that haven’t been effected by technological advances. Even music has changed dramatically, with the ease of being able to start creating music, to the simplicity of finding music to listen to (hey there spotify and Itunes). So although we all might not have the same jobs now, we will in twenty years, we can all cross our fingers that the music world will still be going strong and not being taken over by algorithms like these.

I’ve been going super crazy for some old school deep house sounds from my husband, Alvaro Hylander. I was making a spotify playlist earlier this week with all of the tracks he has released on DeepWit and was quickly reminded me how much I seriously adore what he produces.

Have you ever taken a bit of time and listened to all the tracks he has here on the label? If not, I’ve made it easy for you, here you go. You’re welcome ?

Seriously though, robots. Have you seen all the awesome ones they presented this year at CES? I am absolutely in love with the look and concept behind the Aeolus Robot and just thinking about owning one, makes me want a flying car (the Jetsons anyone?). A robot that can pick up and clean my house? Hell Yeah!!! Have a look, what robot would you want?

Bananas are nice but banana bread is better, this is my favorite recipe.

What’s better than hanging out on the beach, enjoying some deep house sounds? Laying on that beach with one of these awesome bracelets, knowing purchasing it helped keep that beach you’re and the ocean clean. Do we want one? Yes please!

Here are 5 more Friday Favorites, just in case the first 5 weren’t enough.

We are a bit hooked on pinterest. Ok, well I AM a bit hooked on pinterest… and in that regard I keep a Deep House board full of everything we are listening to, all the mixes and charts we are featured in and articles about house music. If you are into pinterest, why not give our board a follow?

I am currently working on putting together a blog post about why we chose Proton from the start as our distributor, what its been like since we joined in 2010 and why we are still with them 8 years later. Honestly though, if you really want a reason, just check this out.

One of the things we are reading about and researching this week is getting our music featured on Itunes. Have any advice? We’d love to hear it!

My favorite article I’ve read this week is this one. Talk about a seriously good read.

And last but not least, someone please make me this sweet potato dish, it looks super good. Hint Hint Alvaro 😉


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