This week its more like a 5 weekend favorites posts. We’ve had an especially busy week preparing for and participating in our local community dinner. We are very active in volunteer work in our area, and love both knowing we are helping to strengthen our community and as a way to make friends as expats. It does take a bit more energy and time, especially on weeks where there are big events, like this one. There is nothing like seeing several dozen people enjoying the fruits of your hard work though. I’m sure other volunteers and especially musicians can relate!

On another note spring is almost here right? Well at least so says our playlist of the entire Spring Moods Collection we’ve had on repeat this week.

Enough chit chat, here is our five favorite things this week.

This lost city found in western Mexico sounds amazing. The size and layout is really unusual, I can only daydream about the kind of music the tens of thousands of people living here heard during festivals and in everyday life.

This article on avoiding ear fatigue is really essential, not just to producers and mastering engineers but even us everyday none musical types, this article translates well to many types of work in front of a screen.

Despite the fact it hasn’t really started warming up here yet, you can see some life returning to the natural world here in Denmark. And while we wait for the warmth of spring, we can always invoke the mood of the upcoming season through our Spring Moods Samplers. We’ve got an entire playlist on spotify of all our Spring Mood Releases and here is last years release, available on Bandcamp, Itunes, Beatport and Traxsource.


Anyone else thinking how perfect these could be for a little music studio or get away? I know looking at these gave Alvaro some serious daydreaming moments this week. I can just as easily imagine having one of these Igluhuts for weekend escapes on a small secret piece of land or even one for my art and nature experiements!

We’ll be having this delicious looking oatmeal breakfast this weekend! And if I get my way this is so going to be our Sunday evening dinner. I mean, who can resist ?

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