Our five favorites this week is very musically focused. It has been one of those weeks that feels like it’s the music that really got us through. There is nothing like a long drive made pleasant by a favorite album or hearing a few brand new tracks. What about an evening at home made memorable with good music playing in the background and the company of your favorite person. Without the music, would the mood be the same? Or without the company of your favorite artists, would the long hours on the road be worth it? For us, music really is what holds everything else together.

Oh February, you’ve always been such a complicated month. On the one hand it is still cold as shit outside but on the other, you tease us with the idea of spring just around the corner. The only way to get through the long and uneventful months, like this one, is with good music. Here is a playlist of every releases we’ve had in the month of February since the label started releasing in 2011.

This is what has been in the works here at DeepWit and we are, as always, really happy to share this release with you. Djedizz offers some lush grooves on his “Anything Deep” EP. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Totally delicious and something I highly recommend if you are needing some serious comfort food that is actually pretty healthy.

You know what we love? Good music and finding out what other people think of as good music. So here to kick off a brand new compilation series is Distant Relatives JHB from South Africa with their *Artists Five Favorites” from DeepWit.

My personal favorite read of the week has to do, not surprisingly, with farming. As much as most people don’t realize, is how much farming really affects all of our lives. We grow your food, we use your water and there is a lot of pollution that comes along with big mono agriculture. This article pretty much focuses on how important it is to turn back to nature, using the things she has given us, and go back to a simpler and healthier way of growing our own food. Plus, flowers, and EVERYONE likes flowers, I don’t care what you say!

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