The thing about spring is the anticipation. We are especially anticipating the sounds of Spring in our next Spring Moods release, which we are compiling at the moment. We had a massive cold front hit europe this week, with lots of wind and snow. As I write this I have a fire roaring in our wood burning stove, just to keep the house a reasonable temperature. But the extra time inside means time for more music, for garden plans, and of course label plans for the year. It means to get that last bit of recharing before spring comes raging in and my ass won’t be touching a chair much come the next six months.

So dive in and enjoy all the lovely things I’ve collected over the week to share with you, and hopefully you are all staying warm!

Here is my favorite article of the week, digging into whether or not the vinyl resurgence we are going through is actually good for the dance music scene or not. And if that got you in the mood for reading here is another great article from Mixmag.

There are a lot of different tools I use with running the blog and social media on DeepWit, as well as the voluneteer work and with my new side gig, Inspired By Everything. One of the apps I come back to over and over again, for quick, simple graghics is Canva. It is super easy to find inspiration and layouts to use for every quick project you need, and to customize them to fit in exactly how you want them to into whatever project you’ve got your fingers into. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d really encourage you to do so!


Here’s what last years Spring Moods sounded like. We can’t wait to share with you all 2018’s release!

All I’ve wanted to eat this week is soup!!! We are sticking to a classic cabbage and ham soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for one of this weekends meals and the other soup I’m about to make is a simple homemade chicken soup. We had one last chicken from the summers flock in the freezer, so I cooked it down with some herbs and veggies to make a bone broth stock. It will partially be frozen for future soups, and today part of it will be turned into a comforting and warm chicken soup with carrots, leeks, and celeric to help keep me warm today. What are you eating to keep warm?

Remember to use code “7YEARS” at Checkout on our bandcamp page to take 20% Off your entire Order during the month of March. Have we said thank you for all the support yet? Just in case you didn’t realize it, we seriously would still not be around if it wasn’t for the support of all the producers, DJ’s and music lovers out there, so THANK YOU!!!

Here are five more friday favorites ??

If you are a fan of popular culture, I warn you that this piece might totally mess with that view. It is excellently written and a perfect piece of thought provoking writing. “Popular culture is not the spontaneous expression of the people, but a profit-driven industry – it robs us of our freedom and bends us to conform to its needs for profit.”

One of the things we listen to a lot around our house is Soma FM. We listened to a lot of this in between Alvaro’s DJ sets and tracks he was working on when we fell in love. Needless to say many of the stations are on frequent rotation in our house.

Ya I bet that hurt a lot Twitter! But if you had just asked around you would have known Soundcloud was already past its prime.

This is just such a cool website, breaking down and finding out more about innovation and our future. Both visually appealing and interactive, it was great having a look through.

And last but not least I am loving this video and track from Janella Monáe, you’re welcome.

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