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This is the start of what I am sure will be an on again off again love affair. Every week (mostly… probably), we will offer our 5 friday favorites. These can include what we are listening to, what we are reading, what we are watching, what we are eating, who we are adoring and so on. Who knows what kind of things we will strike our fancy! And if you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them, so don’t be shy and drop us a line.

My favorite website/tool this week has been MailChimp. I can not express to you how much time this thing has saved me this week. All the emails, all the time trying to find contacts for emails, blah blah blah. I am really sure I wouldn’t have gotten through have my to-do list this week without it.

If you ever use a newsletter or mailing list for what you do, you seriously can’t go wrong with this service.

One of the things that gets talked about a lot in our house is pretty much all things science fiction and the way science fiction intersects more and more with our lives in the form of technological advancements. I was listening to this podcast on the way to work this morning, where they were talking to Marshal Brain about Elon Musks announcement in 2017 that he plans on colonising mars with a million people. A million freaking people. And to do it in our lifetimes. Say what? Marshal has written a “thought experiment” on this idea, in a serialized book, which you an read here for free. Honestly though, how bad ass is Elon Musk? Just imagine if he decided to get involved in the music world ?

We have been listening to this compilation of all of Ivan Garci’s tracks here on DeepWit. Lovely lovely stuff from an artist who has always had a step up on lovers of melodic and deep sounds. You can listen to the playlist here on Spotify.

This is what to eat this weekend because it is the perfect comfort food with the bonus of actually being good for you!
Have any of your own favorite weekend meals? Maybe something for that hangover after your house party the night before? We’d love to hear about it ?

This article just gives me the feels for what’s ahead for the music world in 2018 in terms of streaming! The musicians and the labels behind them, getting a bigger piece of the pie then we have since streaming came into existence.