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Ever feel like the world could be a bit more healthy and content? Here are five small ways you can help make the music scene better, maybe even the world, both online and IRL.

  1. Acceptance of others, regardless of sex, race or any other part of who they are. Just because they don’t comform to how YOU are or think others should be, doesn’t make them any less worthy of acceptance and respect.
  2. Embrace we are all in it for the love of music. Regardless if that guy over there dances differently, or that girl on facebook loves both house and country music. Music is universal and as diverse and unique as each of us.
  3. Offer to help out a newbie in the scene, regardless if it is taking them into your friends group out on the dance floor, or giving that new kid some recommendations to broaden their musical horizons.
  4. Be kind. Kindness and respect create nothing but more of the same.
  5. Don’t assume you have better musical taste than someone else, and be as willing to listen to their favorite artists as you would want them to be, to listen to yours. (Mines my husband, Alvaro Hylander, if you’re wondering ?)

To sum it up, treat others how they want to be treated as well as how maybe you yourself would want others to respect how you want to be treated. These Five Small Ways are easy to follow, if you put just a little effort into it. What you will get out of it, is worth the effort. We are so much more than the genre of music we listen to, or the color of our skin. Remember that house music came from a world of misfits, and is to this day, giving people a place to be themselves and grow as human beings. So be nice and don’t fuck that up.