Let’s face it, we all could be doing more for the earth. We often treat the world we actually live in, as if it is something separate and distant from ourselves when in fact, we can not live without its complexity and what it provides for us to flourish. If you want to feel a bit better about your impact on the environment in relationship to music, here are Five Ways to be more environmentally friendly in the music scene.

  1. Order the entire bottle of what you’ll be doing shots of all night. You cut down on the amount of water used by the hundreds of shot glasses they have to wash overnight. And make sure to check with your local joint, to find out if they are recycling the bottles.
  2. As stated above, holding your favorite local establishment responsible for the waste created is vital. This goes beyond just your own contribution to the environment and can make a serious difference in your communities level of resource use and waste. Make sure they are recycling, reusing and reducing in every way possible.
  3. If you are going to buy physical, like vinyl, make sure that even after that music has lost interest to you, that just throwing it in the rubbish pile isn’t the best solution. How about reusing it as art? Or donating it a local artists who does? You can gift it to someone who might enjoy it or even recycle it. A lot of recycling centers are now taking vinyls to be re-processed and printed again ?
  4. Through a house party. This is the perfect excuse to throw a house party instead of going out every weekend. Make it a routine to switch with your other friends, and have a house party once a month. This way you have direct control over making sure things are recycled or reused AND you cut down on your carbon footprint by not having to travel out of your close vicinity.
  5. Use public transport to and from your destinations. Lowering your carbon footprint and making sure there won’t be any drunk driving in you or your friends future.

There are so many easy and feel good ways to make sure we are leaving the plant in good enough shape our children and grandchildern will also be able to know the joys of going out to see their favorite artists perform and shake their asses on a dance floor. Five easy ways to be more environmentally friendly in the music world, do you have any others I might have missed? I’d love being able to do a part two or three or four of this serious with your suggestions and ideas on how you think we can be more environmentally friendly in the music scene.

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