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Our music blog is where you are going to find out our opinions on everything from the hows of running a lable, to the whys of being picky in who you choose to work with, alongside a lot of random things you might just find interesting. Or not. I guess you will have to have a look for yourself.

All of it focuses in some way or another on music, especially deep house and chillout, where DeepWit really finds its footing. There are several articles that we’ve written, specifically aimed at our own artists we work with. Including how to use Proton artists logins and backstage, to advice on how to grow yourself as an artist, and what to include in a remix pack. If you work with us, or want to, or just work in the adult side of electronic music, this is a great place to come for some industry insights. We want our music blog to work for you, so let us know if you have any ideas on articles we should write, or if you want us to publish something you’ve written yourself.

Five Friday Favorites – Week 13

As a small indy label, one of the ways to hurt us the most is to pirate our music. Let alone are you taking money out of our pockets, you are taking money out of the producers pockets and the entire music production arena. I maybe could have at times in...

Five Ways to be more Environmentally Friendly in Music

Let’s face it, we all could be doing more for the earth. We often treat the world we actually live in, as if it is something separate and distant from ourselves when in fact, we can not live without its complexity and what it provides for us to flourish. If you want...

Five Friday Favorites – Week 11

We are back after missing last weeks Five Friday Favorites. It was missed due mostly to life and being exhausted. Not every week is going to go like you plan. We’ve learned, especially running the label, that being flexible is a must if you want to find...

Five Friday Favorites – Week 9

The thing about spring is the anticipation. We are especially anticipating the sounds of Spring in our next Spring Moods release, which we are compiling at the moment. We had a massive cold front hit europe this week, with lots of wind and snow. As I write...

Seven Years of DeepWit

DeepWits Turning 7 This Month It is amazing to us that we’ve been running the label for almost 8 years now. The idea of DeepWit was born out of Alvaro’s passion and devotion to house music. I came along, charmed him to bits and then encouraged and helped...

Five Ways to Fight Creative Blocks

I am not actually an artist. I am a writer, a gardener, a knitter, a cook, an animal lover and an awesome wife. But I am not an artist. I am married to one though. And as with most artistic people, my husband isn't just one specific type of artist, dabbling in...

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Saying No

Saying No. Should you do it? Well ya, I think what and who you say no to is as important, if not more so than who you say yes to. I get a lot of questions about whether or not is it ok to turn down doing a remix. Or if it is ok to charge a fee for a remix. And yes,...

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Five Friday Favorites – Week 8

Five Friday Favorites – Week 8

Our five favorites this week is very musically focused. It has been one of those weeks that feels like it’s the music that really got us through. There is nothing like a long drive made pleasant by a favorite album or hearing a few brand new tracks. What...

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Five Friday Favorites – Week 7

This week its more like a 5 weekend favorites posts. We’ve had an especially busy week preparing for and participating in our local community dinner. We are very active in volunteer work in our area, and love both knowing we are helping to strengthen our...

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