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Five Friday Favorites – Week 8

Five Friday Favorites – Week 8

Our five favorites this week is very musically focused. It has been one of those weeks that feels like it’s the music that really got us through. There is nothing like a long drive made pleasant by a favorite album or hearing a few brand new tracks. What...

Five Friday Favorites – Week 7

This week its more like a 5 weekend favorites posts. We’ve had an especially busy week preparing for and participating in our local community dinner. We are very active in volunteer work in our area, and love both knowing we are helping to strengthen our...

Tools of the Trade – Promotion

Tools of the Trade – Promotion

For every job you have a set of tools. Each tool should offer a quicker and simpler way of doing things. It should offer as much bang for the buck as possible and allow you to get more done. It should, in the world of promotion make you more visible. This is just a...

Music Sales in Deep House & House

Music Sales and You Let's get straight to the point, digital music sales mostly suck. Being a producer for the vast majority of people means you will rarely even make enough money in a quarter (every 3 months) to buy yourself a cup of coffee. And forget...

  • House 10%
  • Indie Dance 10%
  • Chill Out & Electronica 15%
  • Deep House 65%




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