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DeepWit Recordings focuses on Intelligent Deep House, House, Lounge and Chillout Sounds.

Five Friday Favorites

This is the start of what I am sure will be an on again off again love affair. Every week (mostly... probably), we will offer our 5 friday favorites. These can include what we are listening to, what we are reading, what we are watching, what we are eating,...

Balancing Life and Music

It goes without saying that a life without music would be bland, even hard. We often turn to music to find peace of mind, to cheer ourselves up, to bring back memories and to offer a soundtrack while making new ones. Being a music lover and being a musician or a label...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Interaction

Let's talk a bit about etiquette in the music world. Now we've all grown up hearing what is appropriate and to mind our manners from our parents and family. How we behave in public and how we treat other people are the focus of these norms and respect is normally at...

  • House 10%
  • Indie Dance 10%
  • Chill Out & Electronica 15%
  • Deep House 65%




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