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This is the first in what I hope will be a long lived Q&A Series on producers who work with us here at DeepWit Recordings. A big thank you to Tony for his participation in this interview, his endless help with promoting his music with us and for being an all around awesome producer and guy.

Lets start with a little background Info –

London-based producer and DJ, Tony S has a broad musical pedigree. A former jazz student and session bass player of various styles, he began to DJ at various underground parties and club nights around the capital prior to his debut release on Look Ahead Records in June 2011. Originals and remixes have followed on many labels in a signature style of deep, bumping grooves balanced with soulful harmonies and vocals, epitomised in his contributions to the DeepWit Recordings catalogue.

Q & A

Q. Name and Favorite Color?

Tony S and crimson I think … for today anyway 🙂

Q. Latest release on DeepWit? 

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Q. Do you better like cats or dogs or ?

Ah now that’s a difficult one … I like both in their different ways! But since I’m actually allergic to cats I’ll have to say dogs 🙂

Q. Why do you bother making music?

I’ve always felt compelled to make it, I think because for me it gives the best fulfilment when it goes well … there are many, many hours of frustration but the high of completing something that I’m proud of far outweighs that! I started playing bass guitar when I was young and studied music of various styles for a long time, and always was writing tunes for the bands that I was in. Being able now to do it using software and in my own studio enables me to do a lot more of it. I’ve definitely been far more prolific over the past few years!

Q. What program do you use to Produce?

I use Ableton Live exclusively, with very few third-party plug-ins. I find it really intuitive and it’s enabled me to get the sound that I’m after far more easily than other programs that I’ve tried.

 Q. Do you have any other current releases out at the moment or about to come out? 

I’ve had original tracks out on compilations from DeepClass and Kommunity recently that I’m really pleased with, and various remixes … one especially is my remix of Ed Meme ‘Oh Yes I Will’ which is coming out on Nov 4th on Breakin’ Bread, a long-established London label and party that focusses on hip hop, soul and funk. The original is a guitar-driven soul workout so I was honoured to be asked to do a deep house mix for them, their first foray into this genre 🙂

Q. What time are you in bed on a typical Saturday night?

Ha ha – all depends on what’s happening 🙂 If I go out – it’ll be Sunday, if I stay in – before midnight probably!

Q. Favorite Genre of music outside of what you produce?

I’d have to say jazz, it’s the music I studied and played when I was a bass player and what I’ll always go back to in the end. But there are also many others – I love playing disco and rare groove when I DJ, I love listening to some of the more instrumental rock bands like Mogwai, Spiritualised, My Bloody Valentine etc., also I love good film soundtracks (if that’s actually a genre?). I’ve been lucky to work in two music venues over the past decade and so have been exposed to many different genres and there are good things in all of them if you look hard enough.

Q. How long have you been DJing?

Around five years I think, but I’ve always made music in various forms since I was a teenager. I guess I’m a musician who DJs, rather than the other way round. But – I always LOVE doing it 🙂

Q. Favorite country to DJ in?

That has to be the UK!

Q. Favorite country to eat cake in?

I’m not a great cake lover or expert but I guess this has to be France

Q. What are your favorite labels and or producers?

Labels – DeepWit of course! And also Large, Lost My Dog, UM Records, Savoir Faire Musique5 and Dime, Rebirth and Kommunity. Producers – this changes all the time but at the moment I’m loving what James Dexter, Liquid Phonk, Moodtrap and Junior Gee are all doing … and in the past I’ve been influenced by Milton Jackson, Pezzner and Dennis Ferrer amongst many, many others …

Q. What is the question you wished people would ask you?

That question just there 😉

Tony S.

You can catch up with Tony on Facebook, Soundcloud, RA, on Twitter @djignorance and grab copies of his music at Beatport & Traxsource.

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