DeepWits Turning 7 This Month

It is amazing to us that we’ve been running the label for almost 8 years now. The idea of DeepWit was born out of Alvaro’s passion and devotion to house music. I came along, charmed him to bits and then encouraged and helped him set up DeepWit. I think finding the name alone took us weeks. Then months more of deciding on distribution and finally setteling on Proton. I have to say, we’ve been with them ever since, so all that time spent at the start has really paid off. Our first official release was in March of 2011, so this month marks 7 years of releases and in that time we’ve had over a 100 releases (116 at the time I’m writing this). That means a shit ton of music and a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Not just from Alvaro and I, but all the different producers, artists and mastering engineers we’ve worked with over that time.

As a way to celebrate not only the longevity of the label but as a thank you to our supports, for the entire month of March, you can use the code “7YEARS” to get 20% Off your entire bandcamp purchase, both on digital and physical items. Speaking of physical items, what would you like to see us carry? Tshirts? Phone Covers? More stickers? Let us know in the comments!

We would like to genuinely thank all of you. From those of you who share links to our music on social media, those of you blasting our tunes in the car with your friends, those who play our sounds at house parties and at clubs, and those of you who above all buy and stream our music.Here’s to 7 more years of quality deep house sounds!

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