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Fantastic interview with Label Owner and Manager Alvaro Hylander by Miguel Libre. One of the best music blogs on the net, featuring great reviews, interviews and musical recommendations. The thing about Soundscapes by Motionmigs that sets it above the majority of other music blogs is the richness of the writing as well as the easy to use site navigation. Completely worth your time to check it out 🙂

Snippet of the Interview which Covers Everything from Alvaro’s Productions to Information about DeepWit Recordings:

Greetings sir! How are things so far?

Hola Miguel, Things are going great in cold Denmark. Looking forward to the
spring after such a strong wintertime. I really think is the most inspiring season
of the year not just for music, but on every aspect of life.

I heard that you are launching a new record label soon? Can you share
with us some information about it?

Yes!! DeepWit Recordings and I am extremely excited about that. Deep house will be the main ingredient on this venture, with a twist of tech or lounge on occasion. Combining some of the artists we know today on the genre with fresh and upcoming artists. We expect to be “on-air” sometime between February and March with the first release. The best way to stay tuned with what’s going on is to sign up for our newsletter. As well as following us on Our Blog, Soundcloud, Facebook and all those social networks we are all addicted to.

You can Read the Full Interview Here: Soundscapes by Motionmigs: Interview with ALVARO HYLANDER [2011].