A quick run down of the biggest Mistakes we make when using Soundcloud. A few of these have been problems I have run into several times over, especially when wanting to find out more about an artist or even, my personal favourite, when I want to actual PURCHASE the music and the buy link is missing. Really enjoyed the Original article and strongly encourage you to check it out at the bottom of this post.

  1. Your URL is not consistent with other platforms.
  2. Social Links are missing entirely.
  3. Basic Bio and Contact Information is Missing.
  4. The best, most representative work is not readily presented.
  5. And don’t upload everything!
  6. Uploading half-baked, ‘work in progress’ tracks.
  7. Simple Mislabeling.
  8. Forgetting to Identify Your Genre (or set a completely wrong one!)
  9. Not USING your account!
  10. NEVER spam others.
  11. Not adding value in your comments.
  12. Not replying to all comments.
  13. Replying as a bot would.

You can find the Original Article below from Digital Music News

The 13 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make on Soundcloud… | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News.

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