For every job you have a set of tools. Each tool should offer a quicker and simpler way of doing things. It should offer as much bang for the buck as possible and allow you to get more done. It should, in the world of promotion make you more visible. This is just a quick little list of tools I use in our promotion at DeepWit. What tools do you use to promote your music or label?

Social Media is one of the most vital ways as a label we stay connected to our fans. My personal list of top social media sites for music –

Facebook – Because lets not kid ourselves, everyone uses it.
Twitter – Because it is like Facebook with a slightly different crowd and focus.
Soundcloud – Because even if you hate it, you know it is the easiest way to post a track.
Instagram – Because Pictures are the second best option to sound.
Blog – Because some people actually want to know your opinions and like to read.
Tumblr – Because it is easy to maintain and all the cool “kids” are into it.
Reddit – Because a lot of people use this as a medium of musical exploration and connection.
Pinterest – Because connecting with your female audience IS important.
Flipboard – Because I happen to love it and use it myself.

And of course you might want something to help control all of this mayhem. Personally I use Hootsuit but there are a ton of different options out there.
Graphic Work can help your posts stand out, make them easier to pin, put on instagram, and in general to share around the net. Which is your whole goal right?

Photoshop – Because seriously you need a grown up tool to make artwork at times.
Canva – Because sometimes it is just easier not to have to do all the heavy lifting. – Because Infographs say it best sometimes.
Piktochart – Because who doesn’t love a good chart?!?
StockSnap – Because stealing artwork isn’t any cooler than stealing music.

Tracking your stats is of the utmost importance if you want to actually be able to steer this massive ship of stuff you got going on. Knowing what is working and what isn’t helps you streamline the whole process, post at the right times and connect with your audience.

Bitly – Because sometimes it is easier to shorten AND track links all in the same place.
Facebook Insights – Because if you have a page, you can easily access and analyse the data.
Twitter Followers – Because again, easy access and collection of vital data.
FollowerWonk – Because even MORE data about your Twitter, especially the timing.
Cyfe – Because it lets you track multiple Social Media Sites at once.
Blog Stats – Because if they bother with your blog, they’re real supporters, and the heart of it all.

Ya so that is about it, I think. Honestly I’ve tried all sorts of tools to create, sort and keep it all in order over the years but these are the ones I keep coming back to time and again. If you are using something different, I would love to know. I’m always on the look out for new tools and fun things to play with!

If you don’t want to deal with doing prmotion for your music yourself, you can always just hop on over to Inspired By Everything. I’m happy to help you as a musician or as a label get more traction on social media and help you translate that over to more sales.


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