There are two things that completely enthrall me every time I come in contact with them, good music and neuroscience. What is even better is finding where they intersect. Lately I have been reading numerous articles on the how our brains process music and the effects that music has on almost all aspects of our lives. Music has the ability to either uplift us or bring us down emotionally. It has the power to reroute and create new pathways in our brains (which is essential to living a full and healthy life up into old age). There are few things we experience in life that affect us as music does. After everything I have learned, I wanted to share with you what I consider the top 5 reasons why music is both essential and beneficial in our lives šŸ™‚

  1. Music has the power to heal. This is done through musical therapy for certain physical, mental and neural conditions (strokes, comas, autism, insomnia, depression). Since music is processed and passed through many different areas of the brain, it can stimulate growth in both new and old neural pathways allowing us to relearn and retrain our brains.
  2. Music is one of the easiest ways to access our emotions and memories. Music has been used as a tool by many heartbroken a person to overcome their grief. And by just as many people to set the perfect mood for a great day or night out. I believe no one understands this better then the producers and musicians who often use music as a means to exorcise their emotions, allowing us the listeners, to experience those emotions through the music.
  3. Music can help us become a more well rounded and compassionate world. Since music is processed and passed through so many areas of the brain (in both hemispheres, the neocortex, the limbic system, etc) it has a wide ranging effect on us emotionally and mentally. When our brain rewards us with a release of dopamine while listening to music, it allows us to tap into an often less used although vital part of the human psyche. Our ability to really and truly feel, and to feel connected with one another on a very deep and moving level.
  4. Music both motivates and has the ability to strengthen our attention spans. What more can you ask for?
  5. Listening to music makes you a better lover (especially during the process). Our bodies have the ability to entrain to rhythm, which simply means our bodies can move to a rhythm without any conscious thought or effort. Which might very well be why Deep House music is often described as having a sexy sound šŸ™‚

Now a bit of music to prove my point. This is one of the more enjoyable and sexy sets I have heard lately, hope you enjoy it and let it work wonders on your brain!

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