Now, now before you get your panties in a bind about how “original” you are, how you don’t want other people “copying” your style and how other people are too lazy to find their own good music, this blog post is aimed EXACTLY at those Radio Show Hosts, DJ’s and Producers that are on Promo lists. If you are Purchasing (not stealing by illegally downloading mind you) all the tracks you play, than by all means feel free to keep the tracklist all to yourself.

If, on the other hand, you are on a least a few promo lists and you feel providing a track listing is not necessary let me go on a little rant about why you are wrong.

  1. Promo’s aren’t “free music”. We are trading what would hopefully be your purchase of the track for your support for the track via you playing the track. Now you can play our track, but if you don’t add a playlist, you aren’t holding up your end of the trade.
  2. Of course we also appreciate other types of support. Charts, you sharing the soundcloud/youtube/buy links, ect are all awesome for us. Just imagine though, making a chart but not telling anyone who is on it…. ya sort of pointless right?
  3. We will actually send traffic back to your mixes! Assuming the label has hand selected the people on their list, your feedback and playing of our tracks actually does matter to us. If you play our music, chances are we are going to share it with our fans as well.

And at the risk of sounding a bit arrogant, as a label owner, at this point, I no longer have time to sit down and listen to every mix out there that could possible have one of the labels tracks on it. I already spend several hours a week browsing through mixes (another tip, go ahead and tag the label or artists you played in your mix. Makes it a lot easier for us to find them!) and between all of the other responsibilities of life, I just can’t find the time. This means you are missing out on exposure. It is a two way street after all.

I would like to end this little rant with a thank you to everyone that plays our music. I know that for all the hours I listen to music, screen music, schedule music, work on charts and sift through mixes, you are out there digging through all the same shit we are and to be included in any mix is a big honour. Just make it a bit easier for us and let me thank you personally by sharing that mix.

Speaking of mixes, you can always catch our Monthly Radio Show on Proton Radio, West Radio and DE Radio every month. And guess what? We always provide the track listing 😉


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