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DeepWit Recordings focuses on Intelligent Deep House, House, Lounge and Chillout Sounds.

Five Friday Favorites – Week 11

We are back after missing last weeks Five Friday Favorites. It was missed due mostly to life and being exhausted. Not every week is going to go like you plan. We’ve learned, especially running the label, that being flexible is a must if you want to find...

Five Friday Favorites – Week 9

Five Friday Favorites – Week 9

The thing about spring is the anticipation. We are especially anticipating the sounds of Spring in our next Spring Moods release, which we are compiling at the moment. We had a massive cold front hit europe this week, with lots of wind and snow. As I write...

Five Small Ways to Make the Music Scene Better

Five Small Ways to Make the Music Scene Better

Ever feel like the world could be a bit more healthy and content? Here are five small ways you can help make the music scene better, maybe even the world, both online and IRL. Acceptance of others, regardless of sex, race or any other part of who they are. Just...

  • House 10%
  • Indie Dance 10%
  • Chill Out & Electronica 15%
  • Deep House 65%




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